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About me


Ballroom Dancing

In my free time, I go ballroom dancing two to four times a week, together with my girlfriend. Throughout the year, we take part in tournaments, and once a year we take part in the german season finale. We have even won multiple trophies there already!

Magic: The Gathering

I have always liked more complex games, with interesting interactions. Magic: The Gathering fulfills that perfectly, offering high flexibility with over 18000 available cards and a complex, strategic gameplay. I find it a lot of fun to figure out neat interactions, even combinations of cards that lead to infinite loops, but the occassional "running head first at your opponents" can be just as much fun.

Work Experience

arcus(x) GmbHSince August 2018

At arcus(x) I am working fully independently and remotely as a Full-Stack Web Developer.

At first I worked on refactoring an old legacy Angular 1.6.6 codebase into a modern React codebase, while also implementing new features both in the frontend and the Java-Spring based backend.

More recently I have started working on, a collaborative image gallery, built with React and NodeJS (Express).

bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbHFebruary 2018 - July 2018

At bonprix I mostly worked on the webshop, implementing new features and fixing bugs on a project with over 50 active developers.

I was also working on some internal tools - including a complete refactoring of the "Deployment Dashboard".

Our team was using Kanban, with a lot of inspiration from Scrum. Apart from the standup every morning, we held regular Retrospectives (some of which moderated by myself). Backlog Grooming was done, to ensure we would only work on relevant tasks.

We developers made heavy use of pair programming and test-driven-development to raise our productivity. At the same time, regular code reviews ensured the quality of the code we wrote.

bonprix Handelsgesellschaft mbHAugust 2017 - October 2017

My first time at bonprix I was part of a scrum team working on the internal software-suite "d:suite" - a custom solution for in-house purchasing.

The d:suite is built using Java and Spring Boot, utilizing the Vaadin framework used in a Model-View-Presenter pattern.

During my time at bonprix, the pricecalculation module of d:suite was started. I worked on the technical conception.

Unit- and integration-tests running in a docker-environment, along with code reviews ensured code quality and function.

As a scrum team, we held regular retrospectives, sprint-plannings and sprint-review meetings. To coordinate with development teams in Bulgaria and India, we also held regular scrum-of-scrums meetings, where our teams would join a remote call.


CODE University of Applied SciencesSince September 2018(ongoing) Bachelor of Sciences in Software Engineering

CODE was very recently founded (I was part of the first applicants), and has a very modern and unusual approach to teaching. Us students work in cross-functional teams on real-life projects, learning by doing. We get the support we need to learn theory once we need it, or are interested in it. All the while the modules ensure we are well-versed in all important aspects of the study program of our choosing.

Gymnasium Grootmoor2015 - 2017Abitur

Year in Norway2014 - 2015


I am fluent in English, but my mother tongue is German!